24th July 2018

Time Doctor Web App and Dashboard Time Doctor Maintenance Update

We wanted to provide some more details about this serious incident affecting your Time Doctor account.

Our engineering team are currently working on multiple solutions simultaneously; as part of this process there will be two large data migrations taking place which takes many hours to complete; unfortunately this will involve continued outages for our services.

As part of our staged recovery plan we have had to take all of our services offline; including the web app, dashboard and desktop app.

If you are currently logged into the desktop app you will still be able to track time and when our services are restored the time and data will upload to our servers.

Because we have had such a long period of downtime the process of uploading data back to our servers will take a considerable amount of time. Please keep your desktop app open and logged in to allow the data to upload.

This outage is unacceptable to us and we can’t apologise enough for the impact that this incident had on our customers and their businesses. We take any incident that affects the availability and reliability of our customers extremely seriously.

Once everyone’s services have been restored we will be conducting a thorough investigation of the incident to identify potential future failure points and increase redundancies to mitigate the risk of future outages. Acting on this investigation's findings will be our very top priority.

Again, we apologise for this system outage, and we want you to know that we take performance and reliability of Time Doctor very seriously.