25th July 2018

Time Doctor Web App and Dashboard All services are operational

To all our customers,

Over the past few days Time Doctor was down or unreachable for many businesses. This was the worst outage we've had for many years, and first of all I wanted to personally apologise for it. As of a few hours ago the issues have been resolved and Time Doctor is back up.

It was unacceptable and I can’t apologise enough for the impact that this incident had on you and your business. Our team worked around the clock to get service restored. Once our team gets some rest we’ll dig further into the causes and determine how we can prevent similar outages in the future.

If you track your own work personally with Time Doctor, here’s how to ensure that all of your work time is accounted for in Time Doctor:

Please allow up to 24 hours from now for any work tracked over the past 2 days to appear in your account on the Time Doctor website. Over these next 24 hours, please remain signed into your desktop app when possible to allow your work time to upload.

After 24 hours from now, if any of your work from the past 2 days isn’t appearing in your account, use the Edit Time feature to add the missing time manually.

We’ve sent instructions to the other members of your Time Doctor account also. Depending on the settings in your Time Doctor account, you may need to manually approve the time edits that your employees make.

If you or your team experience any further issues related to time tracking, you can either email or check this status page for updates.

On behalf of the 83 people that work at Time Doctor, I am sorry. I assure you that we’ll do everything we can to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Rob Rawson, CEO - Time Doctor